Wednesday, June 17, 2009

U.K. Hallowe'en

I saw a post over on 'rot's site regarding English pumpkins, and thought I'd rip off a perfectly good idea and do a search on U.K. Hallowe'en. I still think Pumpkinrot is far more classy than I, though. Be that as it may... I came up with this pic from Coolest Homemade Costumes. I think I enjoyed hearing that the U.S. is bigger on Halloween than the U.K. as much as the costume. Kid looks kind of ticked off, huh?This poster for a club rave really caught my eye, as well. This child is smiling because she's happy she doesn't have to be subjugated to "pleasant" office chat at the cooler and satisfy herself that a cube is her destiny. It's obvious this spike through her head has ended it all for her and she is relieved. And she has the bones of her enemies draped around her neck as a caution for anyone who would piss her off. Makes you want to be a zombie, too, she looks so chipper!This pic proves why cousins shouldn't marry. Asterix and Obelix, indeed! This is the U.K.'s version of Deliverance gone wild!
All in all, though, I far prefer the U.S. Halloween. Where else but in Our Nation's Capitol can you see the Drag Queen Drag Race? (I'm pretty sure this is Marilyn...)

I once worked in Hollywood, and my office was on Sunset Boulevard. Every so often, you could see someone walking by in equally intersesting dress. Like this woman:
whom I used to see whizzing down Sunset in her pink Corvette. Yes, in Hollywood, it's Halloween every day.

I do miss the drag queens, though. They were so sweet!

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