Monday, June 15, 2009


After I posted yesterday's fog machine sale, (and in honor of my 3000th hit on this blog- who knew?) I decided to go searching for more deals for you all.

Firstly, a deal from my very own little hands, direct to you through the magic of eBay: goggles. I did a paint mod on two sets of brazing goggles so they have a metallic look to them, with just a touch of rust, as if they'd been in use by a mad scientist for a long time.
This set is item #190314381732.
This one is item #190314380952. I'm also donating 10% of the sales to Second Chance Animal Rescue & Adoptions, so when you buy these, you can not only look cool, but be cool for supporting a good charity!

Skeleton Factory is having quite the sale, offering 4th quality Buckys with stand for $135.95 (without stand, $104.95), and first quality with stand for $178.95. You can also get yourself a nice dog or bat skeleton for a doggone (heh!) good deal, too.

If you have always just had to have a set of vampire or werewolf claws, now is your chance! You can get a set for $19.95 from Mostly Dead. And if you're cursed with perfect dentition, you can pick up a set of Moria Orc teeth to make yourself look really ghoulish and give your dentist fits at the same time.

What Reaper would be complete without a scythe? Trouble is, sometimes you can't find them at the local antique store when you want them, and even then, they're heavy or sometimes even inadvisable to use in a haunt setting. Enter the foam scythe from Full Moon Masks. If you can pony up the $186.95. The sale only knocks off $13 from this prop. Looks cool, though...

Lastly, for our furry brethren who are not werewolves (yet) and are being laughed at by all the cool dogs in the 'hood: They will laugh no more when your dog shows up to the graveyard for a howl in his uber-cool, very chic and sexy vampire costume from Bad Planet Costumes. Thank goodness he already comes with his very own fangs.Those pussy pit bulls will have to stand back and acknowledge him as the dominant in the pack/kiss.Let them grovel. (Suck it, Killer!) Your baby deserves a little worship once in a while!

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  1. Must....have.....Dr......Horrible.....goggles......where is my credit card?!?!


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