Monday, June 22, 2009

Waiting for the Fire

A few pieces I'll be firing soon.


  1. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Those are ridiculously fun! I can't wait to see the final product...on my livingroom table ;)

  2. Love love love these!

    And also, love you! Thank you for your encouragement on my blog today. :)

  3. Oh my! So many pumpkins, how absolutely delightful!!!

    I agree, I want to see them on my table...too!


  4. Thanks, All, for your support! I hope to have these fired and glazed soon. Depends on when my husband can wire up the receptacle for the kiln...

    DeadmansLog- Only telling the truth as I see it. I find it's always easier to be a sniper than a guy in the front lines...

    I try not to write anything about or to anyone I wouldn't say to them directly, though sometimes I still fail at this.

    Keep going!

  5. Wow! Someone's been busy. Can't wait to see the end result :)

  6. I love the one on the bottom right. Looks like Dan Blocker as jack-o-lantern.

  7. Wow...
    How'd I miss this???

    I LOVE them all....those two on the bottom are BEAUTIFUL.

    Can't wait to see them.


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