Monday, September 14, 2009

Brains Vs. Coffee

Where I live, we have rural mailboxes. Not that we don't live two and a half seconds away from Costco, Home Depot and Trader Joe's. Nope. We just have rural mailboxes. So Saturday, in preparation for my daily trek of one block, I grab my keys and slide on my flip-flops to shuffle down to the mailbox. I say to Mr. ShellHawk, "I should be getting my book from Ghoul Friday any day now."

"Oh," he says, not knowing what I'm talking about. I shrug and head out.

As I open the mailbox, there it is, right on top, Ghoul Friday's neat handwriting announcing the arrival of my latest and most joyful indulgence: Brains vs. Coffee. Back in the house, I jumped up and down and crowed with happiness. I got a raised eyebrow from Mr. ShellHawk until I handed him the book. He read a couple of entries and laughed.

You can't possibly live without this book. You. Just. Can't.

In Ghoul Friday's own words:

"Many of us find ourselves in a zombified state, secretly craving brains. Being upstanding citizens, we recognize the need for a substitute: coffee.
Everyday we must choose between our secret desire for brains and the more socially acceptable cup of coffee.
Brains vs. Coffee: The Daily Debate of the Urban Undead chronicles my struggle as I weigh the pros and cons to consuming, storing, preparing, enjoying and disposing of each product."

I was taking a break from toiling in my Garage of Doom, reading my new book, when neighbor V walked across the street for a visit, coffee in hand. I silently handed her the book. She laughed out loud at the title, then read a few excerpts out loud. We laughed our asses off. A friend arrived to help out with prop building. She read a few and wanted to know where to purchase the book. I told her, and I'm sure she'll order it.

The book, itself, I realized, is like a zombie, nipping and biting, infecting people one by one with its wit. People who, in turn, infect others with the need for brai-I mean, the need to have this book on their bookshelf. I hope you appreciate this bite, because after all, I don't bite just anybody!

Brains vs. Coffee will make a fantastic "Great Pumpkin" gift. If that's not a good opportunity for gift-giving, grab a few copies to give out for that other holiday. You won't regret it.

Thanks, Ghoul Friday! Now, where's the brai- um, coffee?


  1. Glad you liked it :) And thanks. I've posted a link & blurb of this on my review page

  2. Oh, I have been a bad frog queen and not ordered one....but I will do that today...although, I am going to have to take a bit of artistic licence....some white tape and a sharpie and but the words "tea" over coffee. Cause the frog queen is scottish and we like tea over coffee :D

    Oh, I should get an extra copy for a door prize for the party!!


  3. Ghoul Friday "Brains Vs. Coffee" book is so nice. I got my copy Monday and read it completely. I found it very funny.

    A very nice book to hand over to coffee lovers.


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