Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tombstone Progress

As usual, there are more projects than time left before showtime. I'm just now starting on tombstones, the most complex first so if I don't get them all done, at least the ones done will be really cool!

For this one, I used a quote from Father Malone's grandfather's journal from the 1980 version of The Fog, which is my favorite version of the movie. (Thank you, Frog Queen, for the help!) Since this epitaph is detailed, I used the treasured pink foam for it. I do wish I had bought more to play with! Anyway, I cut the smaller parts of the font out with a fresh Xacto blade after I had used the transfer paper to tranfer my epitaph onto the foam.
Then I took my Dremel and a smaller attachment to clean out the larger parts.That seemed to make relatively short work of the job. I did go in with my Xacto blade to touch up the sharper lines, though. After that, I marked out the curve of the tombstone using a string and a marker for a compass. This really should be done first, but it's been a bass-ackwards kind of weekend, so it got done after the carving. I used the scoring technique Steve-O recommended for straight cuts. Though it doesn't work as well on curved cuts, it works well enough. I took my power sander to it afterwards to even it up.I also used the power sander to give the tombstone some dings and weathering. If you decide to do this, make sure to have a good grip on your sander! After I was done with the sander, I hit the tombstone with some cheap black spray paint to age it a little more. Of course, since I made my monster mud for the Beloved tombstone, I'm out of gray paint and will have to pick up a gallon. At least I have a $5 coupon!


  1. Looks fantastic! That is a lot of tombstones! No sleep you you huh? :)

    Glad to help, can hardly wait to seet the finished work!!


  2. It's looking really good! Can't wait to see it finished!!

  3. I need to do some tombstones next year, mine are all blank gray headstones. Yours look great.

  4. That is a lot of work. Much more patient than I am. Looks great.

  5. What is the pink foam? I've never seen it before!



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