Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crow Repair

Among last year's casualties were several of the crows I put up in our tree, as Stewie's accessories. We had an unexpected rain on Halloween night, a downpour, really. I went out the next morning to start tearing down the haunt and discovered that several of my crows had no beaks. I looked around on the ground for them, and only found black mush that used to be beak-shaped. I contacted the gal I bought the crows from, but she was unable to replace the beaks. Apparently, they just aren't sold by themselves. Since I need them for the haunt again this year, I had to figure out how to make some myself. Enter Sculpey.

It already comes in black, so all I had to do was form it into beak shapes and sort of mold it around the faces of the crows so the beak would stick properly.While not the most perfect sculpting job ever, I did manage to turn out some serviceable beaks. A dab of hot glue, and ta-da! Beaks! While I was at it, I touched up the faded feathers of the crows with black fabric paint. Much better!
I keep reminding myself that they will be seen from a distance, and at night. For those purposes, I think they look fine.


  1. No one will even blink at the homemade beaks.

    Great save on the birds :)

  2. Brilliant!! In the dark, no one will ever suspect :)

  3. Awesome save. My crows may have finally bit the dust. They still have their beaks, but that's about all. I'm thinkin' it's time to replace them. (or maybe they could form a new rock band - the naked crows?)

  4. They look great! Our favorite and most common line around this time is "it will look fine in the dark" :D



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