Monday, September 21, 2009

Mr. ShellHawk is a Patient Man

Shocking as it seems, some of us are married to folks who aren't as into Halloween as we are. I have seen and heard of people whose spouses and significant others are actually hostile to the hobby, which I think is kind of rotten to do to someone you claim to love. I mean, as Super Chicken used to say, "You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred."

Oops. I got distracted for a second there...

What I was going to say was how lucky I am that I do not have a Halloween hater in my home. Actually, Mr. ShellHawk is pretty supportive and accepting of my very definite obsession/quirks.

Case in point: I was inspired by the grapevines I brought home from a wine-tasting trip we went on earlier this year. I knew I could make something out of them, but I'd have to soften them up a bit first. So I stuck some in the guest bathroom's bathtub and covered them with water.

A day or two later, Mr. ShellHawk wanders in to use the bathroom. When he comes out, he says, "There are grape vines in the tub."

"Yup," I answer.

"Do I want to know?"

"Probably not."

"O.K. Just wondering."

That's it. No hollering or anything. The guy is just a good sport, and very tolerant.

If you have a family member who is not into Halloween, and they're good sports, too, take a minute to thank them. They'll appreciate it.


  1. LOL! Well written =) I must remember to thank my hubby today for understanding my own Halloween obsession =)

    Great post!

  2. He IS a very patient man.

    My Yetch doesn't say anything. I just watch for his eye to start twitching. Then I know it's time to pull back on the Halloween takeover.

  3. I thank the fiance every day. :) And then he goes around gently saying things like, 'wouldn't [Halloween decoration name here] feel so much more special if we only brought it out from September through Halloween?' and puts said object down in the craft room.

    :) But he always pretends to love every Halloweeny project I come up with, and makes a point to take me down every Halloween aisle we encounter. Love him.

  4. LOL! Husband used to be so-so about the holiday. Over the last 7 years he has gone as insane about it as I. It consumes both our lives 365 days a year....that is a good thing, right :D

    BTW - LOVE super chicken, use that line at work at least once a week! :)


  5. Just had this same convo with my husband. He is luckily understanding and puts up with me. But this year, I finally asked for him to help with the bigger designs....I think I got a yes, so we'll see!


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