Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Fog Revisited

You know by now that one of my all-time favorite horror movies is the 1980 version of John Carpenter's The Fog. Since I have to be a grown-up today and finish an essay due tomorrow morning, I thought I'd give you a quick post with not only one of my fave flicks, but one of the greatest actors of our time: John Houseman. Man, can that guy tell a story!


  1. This one of my favorite horror movies ever made. I'm glad to see it still rings true to others. I first saw it when I was 10...which was a long time ago, on a cable station, and it was still scary. Recently my mother, whom hates post 1970 horror movies, bought me my first copy. I've been waiting for a foggy night here on our hill, to have the tale told to him.

  2. Classic, I just realize that it is not in my collection. Bad frog queen - must possess a copy immediately! Thanks for the reminder....looking forward to the finished tombstone!!



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