Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Money

One of the things on my wish list for Christmas this year was the original soundtrack for the 1980 version of John Carpenter's The Fog. It takes me back to being the teenager who loved slasher films and everything John Carpenter, even though I really was only peripherally aware of his name at the time.

Brand new copies of this soundtrack are hard to find, and horribly overpriced, and even used copies are a bit spendy. Even so, armed with Christmas money, I found a good copy at a good price, and treated myself to a needful thing.

The soundtrack, of course, is pure 80s horror with lots of synthesizer. I still love it, especially since this copy includes the opening monologue by the fantastic John Houseman, and an interview with Jamie Lee Curtis.

It also goes along nicely with my 20th anniversary edition of Halloween, which also qualified as a Merry-Christmas-to-me-gift. This soundtrack features extra tracks, many with dialogue between Donald Pleasence and other characters. If you like sound clips with clear, original dialogue, then this might be a good buy for you.


  1. haha love it. Love Halloween. I've never seen the fog, but now I will.

  2. Great soundtrack. In what format did you find it?
    I wish I owned it. I did find several tracks available (legally?) online. It's amazing how the simple synthesizer riffs can send chills up your spine. Carpenter achieved the same thing in The Thing and Escape From New York.


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