Sunday, January 31, 2010

Vintage Family Photos

I recently got around to doing my free Windows 7 upgrade. I backed up everything important to my external drive, but before I did, I had to remove everything that really wasn't important. As a result, I found some old family pictures I had scanned a few computers ago. Please, if you have the urge to use these, ask my permission. These pictures are subject to copyrights.
This is a picture of my dad with his dad, around 1936 or so. You can see that he grew up in Europe. I think it comes through in the picture, but maybe not.
This was taken in Venice, around 1934, I think. That's my Grandmother in the middle, the one who turned 100 years old last July. My father is holding her hand, and of course, that's my grandfather on the other side.
This is the Mexican side of the family. Left to right, my aunt, my grandfather, my mom, and my grandmother.
This is my grandmother when she was a young woman. Below, she's much older, holding my brother. Strange that I never met her until she'd been dead for thirty-five or forty years. That was interesting.


  1. This may be inappropriate but your mom was da bomb! She was gorgeous!

  2. I just love old family photographs. It gives you an immediate connection with relatives long dead. As if you really knew them. At least it does for me :)

  3. M.M. Yes, she was. Not inappropriate at all!
    H.S. It is neat going through old photos like this for the very reason you gave. I'll post more some other time!

  4. What is your grandmothers full name. My grandmother is a Terrazas, father was the son of General Luis Terrazas. Just wondered if we were related.

  5. Anonymous, please email me at mighty dodge at sbc global daht net and we'll find out. Looking forward to catching up!

  6. My grandmother is a Terrazas, her father was Luis Terrazas Jr. (Chico), her mother Teresa. There are so many Terrazas. I have bought many books concerning the Terrazas Family. Wonder how close we are as relatives.


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