Friday, January 8, 2010

Thursday Night Cocktails

Thursday nights are usually cocktail nights at the Nest. Sometimes it's at the Nest, sometimes it's across the street or up the block a couple of houses away. Sometimes, there are happy hour appetizers, sometimes not. It is always fun, regardless of who shows up.

Last night was no exception. Cocktails started around 4:30. Folks had intended to split around 6:00, but two more showed up at the door, and the extra company proved to be the key to overwhelming any desire to leave.

We were laughing and taking pictures of Christmas Ape (below) tying one on with the rest of us (he is such the party animal), when suddenly, the lights went out.

Since the fireplace was working on turning our old redwood tree to ash, and I had a bunch of candles lit already, everyone just laughed it off and kept talking. My husband commented that the kids would be over from across the street any second, and almost before the words were out of his mouth, the kids came in the front door with their dog, and chaos ensued. My shepherd loves to chase their mini-daschund, so now she had something to do, and my other dog stood in the middle of the living room and barked at them. I started to pull out a few more candles and get them lit and set by the front door and around the house so people wouldn't kill themselves.

The front door opened again. It was the other kids from up the street, knowing that I would have candles lit and ready to go. I think one of them borrowed a flashlight, too. I think it's funny that they just knew the Halloween Lady would have plenty of candles.

All in all, we killed half a bottle of vodka and four bottles of wine. Cocktail hour ended around 10:00 or 10:30. I slept in this morning, and can't believe I committed to going to the gym today. What was I thinking?

And the power outage? Caused by a stupid turkey!


  1. Wow, that is a great idea and sounds like so much, I am talking about the cocktails with friends...but I can see how the power outtage could be fun too :D

    Anyway, is that invitation open to anyone? Or do I have to move to your neighborhood? :D


  2. Invitation to a select group-but you know you and Jeff are part of that group! :o)

  3. Ah, thanks! We might just stop by!!



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