Monday, January 11, 2010

Sleep Talkin' Man

I got an e-mail from a friend this morning about this blog: Sleep Talkin' Man. Apparently this guy, polite by day, is a trash-talking comedian in his sleep. I couldn't stop laughing at his comments, and admiring his wife for being industrious enough to type them out, rather than punching him in the arm and telling him to shut the hell up so she could get some sleep!

Be warned: While hilarious, this blog uses f-bombs, so don't read this at work.

I feel so cheated. My husband only snores.


  1. That is a hilarious site...and how I found your blog...hiya!

  2. She's much more accommodating than I would be :D

  3. Meatbag- you rock! I gave you a follow.

    H.S.- Husband is on a business trip. I slept REALLY well last night. Two nights before I kicked him out and made him sleep in the guest room. I suck.


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