Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Funny Convo

As all of you know, I went to Los Angeles for Christmas. While I was away, Mr. ShellHawk ordered Chinese food from a great place here in town. When the delivery showed up, a funny conversation ensued. The delivery guy is Chinese, and has a heavy accent. I write in that accent to keep things accurate, not to poke fun.

Delivery Guy: Hi! Good to see you again! You not order in long time!
Mr. ShellHawk: We're trying to eat healthier and save some money by not eating out so much.
Delivery Guy: Ah! I understand. Economy very bad. People not order so much.
Mr. ShellHawk nods in agreement.
Delivery Guy: And where is your wife? She not in Garage of Doom!
Much laughter on Mr. ShellHawk's side.

Apparently, there was a lot of Chinese ordered in Summer, when I was in the garage, building the cemetery.

Funny how even the delivery guy calls it The Garage of Doom.


  1. LOL! That is just too funny!! Hum, now I seem to be hungry for Chinese food...... :D


  2. Very funny.

    Remember Pink Dot in LA?

    I was once hermited in a old apt. of mine for 3 weeks working on a "in over my head" type project day and night to meet a deadline. I ordered from them so often that one day the delivery guy said

    "Same time tomorrow?"

  3. D.L. Nice to know I'm not the only one.
    And yes, I do remember Pink Dot. There's still one on Sunset Bl. Too funny!


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