Thursday, January 21, 2010

World's Shortest Rant

So we can get medical aid to Haiti in three to four days, and people in American prisons can get titanium knee replacements on our tax dollars, but the rest of us poor slobs can't get affordable health care because Congress  (who also have great health care on our tax dollars) has made it about politics, not what's best for the American people.

Thank you, Congress, and Fuck You Very Much.


  1. I agree with your wonderful rant. And now that all limits have been lifted on campaign donations, our country's corporations will have the final say in which puppet is preened to be elected to get their own interests sold to the American people. Government for, by, and of, the people is officially gone, replaced by corruption and lobbyists with money. What's truly scary to me is that political corruption seems to have now gone too far for the people to have any type of control of their government again.

  2. Come to Canada, Shell. You can live in my basement. I have a spare futon :D

  3. Helllllo! I used to be a Republican, then I was a Democrat, then I decided that I was a Libertarian. Now I'm just disgusted.
    Just as Jafar said in Aladdin, "Ever heard of the Golden Rule boy? Whoever has the gold makes the rules"

    So $%#@&^*ing true. It's all about money. None of them gives a rat's @$$ about anything but their own greed and selfish motives.

    I think that WE are the ones that got f***ed! And even without a kiss!

  4. Mr. M,
    At the risk of offending your delicate Southern sensibilities regarding myself, your most Gentle Reader, I make this comment:
    No kiss, reach-around or lube, either.
    I've been watching the downfall of this issue, and Mr. ShellHawk and I have been predicting the politics, spin, and outright lies meant to bring it down (we were not disappointed); attach riders that are objectionable, and then you have something to point at to make the whole thing collapse. "Execute all salamanders?! Of COURSE we can't support such an abomination! We have to throw the whole thing out! It's only what any decent person would do! It's a shame about the rest of it, but what else could we do in such horrific circumstances?"
    And down it goes, flaming all the way. Throw in some clever fear-mongering: "DEATH PANELS! How HORRIBLE! Little old ladies will be MURDERED by an UNFEELING PANEL OF BUREAUCRATS!" and "The government shouldn't decide on health care! It's not qualified!" (Ignore the fact that your insurance has gone up at a rate of a minimum of 15% per year for the last ten years. Ignore the fact that if you have a pre-exisitng condition like being female, which got one of my normal check-ups rejected by my insurance company, you are either screwed, or have to pay an ungodly amount of money for coverage. It's ALL Obama's fault!)and it's a dead duck. It's shameful that prisoners and politians can get optimum coverage for things my insurance won't cover, let alone for effing free! Imagine! No 20% co-pay for a hospital visit! No flushing your kids' inheritance down the toilet because you had an emergency operation that *gasp* you DIDN'T PRE-AUTHORIZE!
    But I'm not ranting.
    You should see me when I rant!

  5. This whole thing just makes me crazy. It has me so upset, that I cannot even talk about it anymore without sounding like a looney :)

    (I mean more that I already do!)

    Oh my that is the most fun I have had reading a post in a long time.....BTW - I am thinking that when I head over to the UK this fall, I am just gonna stay. I think i might have had enough of this place :D


  6. F.Q.- You. Simply. Are. Not. Allowed. To. Leave.



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