Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Little Frustrated, and "Famous" Again!

Confession time: it's the eighteenth of October, and I'm not done setting up the yard, yet.

Stewie isn't in his usual place in the window. Mr. Chicken's new haunted tombstone isn't started or placed, yet, though I did get the projector for it. The caged skeleton isn't hanging.
Zombie Fred isn't happy
about still being in the
attic, either...

The list goes on. Why? Mr. ShellHawk and I are being "adults," and are taking care of some much-needed home maintenance. We're doing roof repair and adding some gutters and down spouts, in addition to replacing dry-rotted fascia boards and having them painted with a new color. (Mr. ShellHawk was a doll and is paying someone to insulate my studio/garage bay, too, and put some kind of stripping around the edges to cut the draft! Yay!)

Stewie would just have far too much fun tormenting the workmen, and his idea of "fun," would probably include removing ladders and possibly eating one of the painters. *Shudder* Then how would I get the fascia painted? It's just too awful to contemplate.

Between that and being at Abel's three days a week, plus  finishing projects in-between, plus domestic chores like laundry (and what the hell happened to party planning?! It's next Saturday, for cryin' out loud!), etc., it's been non stop. Oh, and then there's school, which I have not been attending with regularity because of various obstacles.

Have I mentioned that I haven't been sleeping well, either? I'm pretty sure I'm starting with those rotten night sweats. Waking up covered in sweat and the sheets soaked with it is. Just. Gross!

O.k., ShellHawk. Quit whining! They get the point.

The good news is that the tombstones are in place and I'm continuing Beloved's repair from last year's puppy attack. And for those of you who have followed me, that is, in fact, the second time I've had to replace the entire skirt. At least this time, there was no dead rat to contend with. While I did make the monster mud too thick, it will do for now. I Drylok-ed it Tuesday and have been letting it dry. Hopefully, I'll get to the tea-staining after work over the weekend.

I have never needed minions more than I need them now, but the folks who normally help are either out of town or really need to focus on getting a job, and I can't, in good conscience, ask them to drop everything and come help. *sigh* Oh, well. Whatever doesn't get done, just doesn't get done.

In better news: Hey! I'm famous! Again! ;o)

I made it on the cover of the local paper, and apparently, there was an even better spread in the neighboring town's paper. I guess I need to get some more candy for the ToTs this year! YAY! I'm really hoping it will improve the turnout this year, as it's been pretty thin around here. The decorating has been dismal, so far, too. What's up with that? I mean, when even Pumpkinrot's neighborhood is sparse, you know it's bad...

Maybe we should decorate our neighbor's houses, like Noah Fentz did? Hmm.

Thoughts? Anyone else have a sparse neighborhood?


  1. My neighborhood is a commercial district, so yeah- sparse covers it. Zero ToTs in ten years. Sigh.

  2. All my neighbors say they do not even put out a can they compete with our dispay :D I guess I am honored :)

    I know how you feel....who decided that it would be a good idea to remodel the main bathroom and replace the alarm system in October?

    It is the month for crazy I guess.

    Good luck my friend!



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