Sunday, October 14, 2012

Favorite Urban Legends: Pumpkinrot

Today, Pumpkinrot shows us the "Trick" part of Trick or Treat, even though this little prank was not done for Hallowe'en.

Well played, Rot. Well played...

I'll often times throughout the day shoot an email to my brother with something blunt and short, or just a flat-out obvious lie.If it's a partial quote from a movie, he'll shoot a reply and finish the quote, no matter how obscure.

Once I emailed "Yo, we had a rough night. Spent it in the Emergency Room. Last night I saw a car with its headlights off, so I flashed my high beams. They quickly turned around and chased us down, and we crashed into a ditch. Dude, it was awful."
He got a kick out of the Urban Legend lie and sent it to a coworker.
Later in the day, a manager and one of his coworkers approached him asking him how I was doing. That first employee told a few people what had happened to me. How I was chased down by a car. And all because I tried to help and flashed my high beams.

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