Saturday, October 13, 2012

An Old-School Ghost Story

The weather here has turned unexpectedly cold, and we are told it will only last a couple of days before it heats up again. Since cold days pretty much demand we stay in, near a fireplace, what better way to pass the time than by watching a good, old-fashioned ghost story?

Click on the pic above for the trailer, or click here for the entire movie playlist on YouTube. Click  on, "Play All."

And get ready for the shivers...


  1. Finally saw this flick a couple years ago. INCREDIBLE ghost story. Truly a classic! They really need to release this on Blu Ray soon so that I can add it to my collection!

  2. Hi, I appreciate your writing. I'm fond of Ghost Stories. I use to have a pitbull that slept in my room with me when i was living alone sometimes il wake up to him growling and he'l be staring at the wall for awile his head would move as if he was watching something or someone. thanks!


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