Friday, October 5, 2012

Just for (Pumpkin) Grins

I just changed my Facebook "cover" photo to the one above. I'm about to pull my Blu-Ray copy of "Trick 'r Treat out and give it a good gander, again. I usually put it on and glaze my pottery, and use it more as company than anything else. I glance up every so often, when things are particularly fun.

This time, it gets my full attention.

If you go to my right side bar, scroll down until you get to the box that says, "For Your Hallowe'en Collection". You can get the movie and the books through that link. Believe me, you need them!


  1. Been watching Trick r Treat off and on all week... go Sam!

  2. I've watched this flick TWICE in the last month...which is saying something since I rarely have time to watch movies! LOVE it!!!


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