Thursday, October 11, 2012

It Must Be Hallowe'en

Because I just got some of my Froggy's Fog Cryofreeze in the mail yesterday! (And I used my Hauntcast discount, too! But they may not be offering it again until after the holiday...)
This will be the first time I use the Cryofreeze. I called up Froggy's technical support to ask what would be best for outdoors and have the best chance of ground-hugging, and before I even finished my sentence, the guy says, "Cryofreeze. Just get the Cryofreeze." And he chuckles. I love me the guys who know home haunters and the conditions with which they battle!

So, who is using fog for their display this year?

Image via The Online Photographer. (He should have some great tips for night time photography, eh?)


  1. Fog is a MUST for the Big Night! I've never heard of Cryofreeze, so THANK YOU! I definitely need to get some of this, as I currently have my machine rigged up to a homemade chiller to create this effect.

    1. You'll still need a chiller for the effect. The fog is just formulated to cling to the ground better when you run it through one.
      I do love that Froggy's tech department is so available to help!

  2. Ahhh, well, it's still cool (no pun intended) that there is a fog formulated for this! Great to know they're tops with customer service!

  3. definitely gotta' have fog--will have 2 fog machines goin' this year!


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