Saturday, November 8, 2008

Movie Day

Ah, Saturday. A little windy and cloudy outside, a little drizzly. The couch beckons. The 59" t.v. screen utters its siren call.

Time to pop in a movie.

I got this movie at Big Lots during my pre-Halloween papier mache-a-thon. Sam Elliott. Only a buck. How bad could it be?

"A shocker reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds" Variety said of the 1972 horror flick, Frogs. "Sounds o.k.," I thought, and picked it up.

Once home, my husband set up my craft table in the living room while I carefully spread plastic drop cloths everywhere so as not to get carpet glue everywhere. I was corpsing Brian and Peter, and I'm very enthusiastic about applying my carpet glue. I sat down and started the movie.

"O.K.," I thought after a few minutes. I slapped some carpet glue and torn shop towel on Peter's face. "It's a little slow. It'll pick up in awhile."

Another 20 minutes pass, and I realize this is a perfect candidate for Movie Macabre. It would make this dreck a lot more fun to watch.

Basic premise: NATURE REBELS AGAINST THE HUMAN RACE'S DEPREDATIONS! MOTHER NATURE IS PISSED OFF! A family's annual 4th of July party takes a turn when nature strikes back. All the rest is just filler. (I won't ever trust Variety for a review again!)
I love Sam Elliott, but wow! What a stinker this movie is! If you love really bad films (and I do), this is worth a watch. It's also a nifty time capsule to the 1970s. The language, the hairstyles, the clothing, the attitudes. Very cool.

I do wonder why the old guy in the wheelchair decides to stay until the frogs, snakes, and other creepy-crawlers come get him. As my dad always says, It's in the script."

The next movie, which is still not great but has some great elements is Boo. I have to say, this is a guilty pleasure movie. I actually like it. I hear horror fans everywhere groaning, but I did warn you that I like bad movies, didn't I? You can get a review from the guys at Bloody Disgusting here, and one from the guys at Fearscene here.

I liked it because it's pretty obvious to me that the makers of this film are haunters at heart. This place would be a fantastic Haunted House to go through if you had the time, the money, the space, and some great haunt actors. It would scare the daylights out of me to be in a pro haunt like this one.

Jeez, look at the time!

Time to pop in another movie and snuggle on the couch with my sweetie and the dogs.

Where's my popcorn?

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