Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Recovery

Halloween has been known as the Pagan New Year, the Final Harvest, the time when the fields, at last, will lay fallow, awaiting the plow and the planting of next year's crops. I begin my New Year with my first foray into blogging, and with great hopes of pleasant surprises, love, and new creative endeavors falling on rich, ripe soil.
Halloween came and went, leaving me with that post-wedding planning feeling. You know you didn't get everything done you wanted to, and if you're smart, you also know that you're the only one who knew you didn't get that last flower perfectly displayed. In my case, it was my "monster eye" from Dave Lowe's blog in October. It got finished Halloween day and never made it into my front window. Oh, well. Unlike (you would hope) weddings, I can make another run at it next year.
Here's a few shots of the house and "Stewie," my scarecrow from Spookyblue's website. He's got a few other projects on my list for next year, too.

We had hoped for the same gorgeous weather we had last year, but got rain and wind instead. Good turnout for our party, though there weren't many TOTs. What was fun, was the older kids sending other kids our way to see our yard display. I took a couple of pictures for a group of kids on our lawn, Stewie looming over them in the background. I hope the shot turned out o.k.
I put out both my fog machines in spite of the weather (I bought 'em, dang it, I'm gonna USE them!), and the lightning machine worked beautifully. I stuck a 4th quality Bucky skeleton in my 1969 Dodge Dart and parked them in the driveway with a battery-powered led flashing blob (thanks again to Spookyblue). Everyone loved it, though I was thin on props and didn't even get to carving pumpkins!
I have great dreams for Halloween 2009. Maybe a Headless Horseman, and absolutely a graveyard. And more New Year's resolutions.

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  1. Hooray, ShellHawk!

    I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts, theories, insights, and stories. Your upbeat perspective and bone-dry humor are going to win you many readers.

    I predict that it won't take long for the "Nest" to become very popular. And Stewie makes an excellent spokespumpkin.


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