Sunday, November 30, 2008

Halloween, I mean, CHRISTMAS presents

Shopping for Christmas presents can be traumatic, although I do love shopping on "Black Friday." (Something about the name just appeals to me.)
Don't worry, though. I'm here to help with another installment of Christmas gift ideas for those of us who find cute, rosy-cheeked anything more horrifying than the entire Stephen King catalog.
Amazon has these great Skel-a-Mingos on sale right now. I can just see these little cuties on SpookyBlue's lawn, right next to the Chapel Hill Witch. I have them on my Amazon wish list. They also have a set of 50 "cocktail demons" to hang off the side of your little black vodka martini. For those of us who are duct tape enthusiasts, there's The Original Duct Tape Halloween Book.

The Victorian Trading Post has a lampshade that I used for a mantel scarf for Halloween. Everyone loved it. There's also a vintage style witch painting on sale for $99.

Grandin Road has a genuine witch's broom (only $9!) for the gal who has everything. On sale, of course. And there's a glitzy set of velvet pillows ($11 each) for your dark boudoir. The prices there are pretty good right now, as I feel Grandin Road is overpriced the rest of the year.

Remember your artist's supplies. ASW Express has an Iwata pistol grip airbrush available for $275.
Have fun shopping!

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  1. Hee hee... love the flam-eletons. :) Now there's a project for you. Hmm... ..... HHHMMMmmmmmmmm...


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