Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Water's Return

The rain blew in on Halloween. The wind slapped it against the windows and dribbled it over our dirty gutters. It ruined my idea of how the fog was going to lay in my front yard, snuggled against the ground in a creepy carpet, the orange light from Stewie's eyes giving it an eerie look as it slowly drifted down the hill (Something about the best laid plans applies here, I think). It's interesting, though, to realize the beauty that can come from a storm like that.

I took a break from my housework today, grabbing the camera on the way out the door. I thought I'd get some good images for today's entry. I'm glad I did, for I found that with the rain, the nearby wetland had new life breathed into it.
As I walked down the pathway, I heard the first of the winter's frogs begin their song. Just one lonely little, "ribbet," like the one I heard outside the garage earlier today. If you walk that path in a month or so, you won't be able to hear yourself think, the frogs are so loud.
The red wing blackbird is back with its distinctive call, flitting among the cattails as they sway in the breeze. Some of the waterfowl have begun their return to the neighborhood, as the cold weather in the north pushes them downwards on the map. Mallards, a few Canadian Geese. Soon, the Teals will show up, and the Buffleheads, and goodness knows what else. I can't wait to see them again.

When I returned, I finished packing up the Halloween stuff.

This charming witch has been with me for years, a gift of my friend's mom who was a very crafty lady. Very simple design: A bead for the nose, a pipe cleaner, a wooden spoon, fabric, ribbon, a piece of dowel, plastic eyes, a little hair, black and red markers, and (wait for it)...

A roll of toilet paper to make her skirt poof out.
I have to say, this really is one of my favorite decorations. We also collaborated on a Halloween mouse candy jar, and a witch candy jar. Carole passed away a couple years ago now, and I'm realizing how much time we spent together making stuff. In a roundabout way, this little witch was Stewie's progenitor.

Thanks, Carole, for helping get me started. I'm sure the Afterlife is better decorated with you there to help!

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