Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Party's Over

I'm sure my fellow haunters have packed up their horrors and stored them carefully, probably in hermetically sealed bags, for Hallows 2009. I, however, am a procrastinator.

I can use the excuse that I had my friend here from L.A. for the weekend, but that's only partially true. I could say that I hadn't finished taking pictures of my creations, because I ran out of time. Again, half-truth. It's that I can't stand the thought that I won't be making eyeball cupcakes for another year, that I won't have that certain smell of fog juice in my nose.

Be that as it may, I'll share some pics of my creations:

The rain stopped sometime yesterday in the early morning, so we took the opportunity to get Stewie into the garage. His head has a definite tilt forward, as opposed to when we put him up, so I'll have to figure out how to effect some repairs after he dries out. I fear the rain crept in in spite of the two coats of sealant I put on him and the weight of it has bent the PVC that runs through his body. Since I'm going to have to cut him apart in order to store him, I'll have access and can probably shore him up better for next year. I also have to do some repairs on my crows, three of which had their beaks fall off and get mushy in the rain.

The good news: Halloween Clearance Sale! I ran over to Big Lots in the pouring rain on November 1. I got two Bluckys at $7.00 each (originally $14.00), and a bag of bones for $9.50 (Originally $19.00. FOR STYROFOAM!). I made a run to the Spirit Halloween store and got their last strobe light ($50.00) for $12.00, and a Midnight Syndicate c.d. ($13.99) for $6.00. The "Gothtini" glass in the middle was 39 cents at Walgreen's. I do love sales!

Nothing like getting a head start on next year's graveyard!

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