Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Last Harvest

I've been watching our edible garden bear its last fruits. The basil, the various tomatoes, the sundry herbs, all going to seed. Today, I decided to make one last batch of fresh pesto with the fading remains of my basil and share it with my neighbor who lives across the street from us. I went to my husband's go-to cookbook, The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking for the recipe.

Garlic, basil, olive oil, pine nuts, a touch of salt, two kinds of cheese and butter. Simple. Lots of flavor. Great mixed in pasta. A great use for the last harvest, and some to freeze for a mid-winter treat, like a bit of Summer, preserved. Add some tortellini, and you've got a great dinner. My neighbor was thrilled to receive the bounty.

Last Harvest, Halloween, Dias de las Muertas. A time to honor the dead, the year is gone and turning to frost. It's time to reflect on what went right and wrong.

Our friends lost their 11-year-old daughter earlier this year to a brain tumor. I honor her passing and wonder what I can offer to her parents for their winter to come. My aunt also passed this year. I lost a job and reflect that in some ways, I am exactly where I was one year ago. Apparently, the Universe is giving me a second shot at what I was to begin a year ago.

What did I miss? The Season tells me to take the time to contemplate, and reflect on what went right, and wrong. Sit, be still, and listen. I think I'll come up with a good direction, if I just take advantage of this quiet time.

If I remember that even the Earth takes time off to not do anything but lie fallow, waiting for the seeds to arrive.

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