Saturday, November 22, 2008

Halloween How-To

Mr. ShellHawk has been rumbling a little. Muttering, muttering, under his breath, "Storage. Garage a mess. MY garage. MY workbench, Precious..."

O.K., maybe not the "Precious" part.

In the period of insanity that is pre-Halloween prep, Mr. ShellHawk was told by my sister-of-the-heart who lives across the street (as she waved her martini glass at him) that the Garage of Doom is now the "Woman Cave." He took it well, and with characteristic indulgent humor. The fact that she made a martini for him might have had something to do with that, but hey, I'll take it where I can!

So today, while he's out playing paintball with said sister's hubby, I have decided to attack the garage and try to instill some kind of order on Chaos.

It's also "displacement activity," which is a fancy term for doing something that is viewed as work and therefore constructive (virtuous) in place of other things that you're trying to avoid. For me, that's the Stewie issue.

I'm still delaying the removal of Stewie's arms and possibly head for storage. Will there be reprisals from Stewie and his little brothers, Brian and Peter? Maybe the muttering in the Garage of Doom isn't Mr. Shellhawk, but the three of them plotting... You see my dilemma, don't you?

We do need the space, period. Mr. ShellHawk has this insane dream of parking his car in his garage. I ask you, fellow Haunters, will the madness never end?

Note, by the way, the large waders sitting on the Mighty Dodge. And the spreading stain of transmission fluid beneath it. (Someone "rebuilt" the transmission only a year and a half ago, before I drove the Dodge to Northern California and our new home. Don't get me started on all the "repairs" I've paid for that have turned out like this.) The large waders, thankfully, aren't mine, and are one of the numerous items that need putting away. I'm undecided on the transmission fluid slick. Any donations to The Mighty Dodge Restoration fund will be appreciated. (Kidding. A little.)

Note the crows on the workbench. Some of their beaks melted off in the rain and I need to repair them before I put them in storage. They got a bit mushy, so I can't just glue them back on. Any suggestions from a taxidermist or stuffed thing rescuer/rebuilder will be appreciated!

Since today will be a busy day, cleaning and organizing the Garage of Doom (which will involve a trip to Goodwill to get rid of my 50 gallon fishtank) I'll make this a quick post.

Go here for the Halloween Technology Roadmap. Lots of good project info.

Alright. Here I go. Aww, man! Where are my gorram work gloves?!


  1. That's a funny post. I had to break down and clean up my garage the other day... now the basement needs to be organized since most of what was in the garage is down there now. At least I have MY garage back though, hahaha!

  2. just got blog back up and running. i posted a few pics from Halloween night. check it out when you get some time
    stay true~

  3. I am proud of myself. 4 boxes of books, a box of toys (for children we don't have and a nephew who will never come visit, and a fish tank. Part two of cleaning garage comes today!


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