Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Little of Everything

I was looking around for a fog machine for the stirring witch prop I'm making (please don't tell my husband) when I ran across this great deal at Halloween Effects: a 400 watt fog machine, a pint of fog juice (which I'd get rid of and use my Froggy's Fog instead because it' non-toxic) an 18" black light, and a strobe for $49.99.

Cheap DJ Gear also has a 1/2 price sale
on fog machines, so now might be the time to grab one!

I've been working hard in the Garage of Doom. I've started to throw some pots which will be turned into maniacal pumpkins to sell. Some are already drying before they get fired, though I'll have to make a bunch more before running my kiln, as the electric bill is sure to be horrendous!
I've also been working on my stirring witch project, inspired by the fantastic "Bottle Lady" prop made by Dave the Dead. He told me he based his on the one made by Scare FX, and it's a pretty good tutorial. The only frustration I've been having is the way the instructions are written out. I'm new at building, and I tend to think of project instructions in terms of reading a recipe. Spooky Blue's project how-tos are written like this, and I love them! He lists all your materials first, so you have a list to take with you to the store. Scare FX does not do a materials list to start with, and I usually find I've missed a vital piece of hardware the second I get home from a trip to the hardware store to get materials for this project. Grrrrr! Of course, part of this is being new to building, as my husband has pointed out to me, and part of the learning curve; i.e. if you have to screw something in, you need what size screws and how many? I also discovered I forgot to order an extra power supply and connectors from Monster Guts, so it's time to make another order. *sigh*

Speaking of Monster Guts, I don't think I've mentioned what great service they give. I ordered my wiper motor and my gearhead motor from them for this project, and my order was shipped almost
immediately and at my door before I could blink. I got the "Power Pack," which includes the wiper motor and power supply. Super convenient!

Not only that, but I got a cute skull ring, and my invoice was signed by the owner. What a nice touch! Thanks, Monster Guts!

Well, it's time to drive back to the hardware store for yet more missing parts. Hope you have a great Sunday!


  1. Ah yes, the dilemma of finding a perfectly written tutorial. I truly respect it when a tutorial is written so well that the author leaves no chance for mistake( as long as you follow the directions) I personally have a much looser style of building, and involve the trial and error process to an extreme. If you have any questions building your witch, feel free to ask away, Shellhawk!

  2. Thanks, Dave! So far, I seem to be doing o.k., although I'm trying to figure out how to hook the upper motor up properly, since the configuration is different than the now-defunct Dayton motor. Fortunately, my husband has been helpful in that regard.

    It's been an interesting trip into how my mind works. Since I was a dental assistant (as well as front office manager)for a number of years, it trained me to think much more linearly than I realized, even though I still suffer from the classic artist's affliction of randomness and A.D.D. Honestly, I can't wait for the "mechanical" part is over so I can get to the part I'm good at, which is the artsy part! Interesting dichotomy I'm stuck with.

    I'm still sure you'll be hearing from me! Thanks!


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