Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Helpers, not "Bananas"

Saturday brought some help to the Garage of Doom. In spite of the 105 degree heat, several kids showed up to help, which meant I actually had to close up the garage door and turn on the small air conditioner in addition to the fans I normally use to try to cool the place down a little. It maybe brought it down to 98 degrees, but the kids were troopers, anyway.

It's interesting, as a childless adult, to listen to teenagers talk about each other, once they've forgotten you're around. The one behind me in this picture looks like a younger version of Drew Barrymore, and is fun to have around. Even though I urged her to go home because of the heat, she protested, "I'm not going to abandon you!" She's so sweet!Neighbor V's daughter (on the right) was mugging for the camera, and had this interesting expression immortalized on this blog for her shenanigans. That'll learn her to make faces around me!
She's another one who is super-helpful, though, and is more detail oriented than one might expect. I was really glad to have them all there, that's for sure!
There's a tentative work party planned for Friday night, with a few of the teachers from the high school I'm donating to coming to lend a hand. I can't wait! All the parts I have ordered should be in by then, and maybe Mr. ShellHawk can wire up my witch's eyes with lights so we can move on to sculpting her head. I also ordered the finials for my cemetery fence from King Architectural metals, and they should be here any day. Their plastic finials seem to be very reasonably priced, and I like the styles they have available.

I just have that sinking feeling that I'm forgetting something!


  1. The Frog Queen is glad to hear you had a "bannana" free day of help. Here is to more of them....cause there are a lot more epitaphs coming your way!

    Looks like you all are having a great time. I hope my pumpkins come out as good!


  2. I have no idea how I found your blog. (It's late and I've spent way too much time roaming the Internet tonight.) Just wanted to pop in and say "hi, I love your work !" I'll be sure and stop by again. Great blog.

  3. Welcome aboard, Sierra!

    Frog Queen, who are you trying to fool? ALL your project come out beautiful! :o)


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