Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I love Birthday Money and was reflecting on how much it will suck when it doesn't come anymore. Even so, it's still coming in, and I got myself a few little gifts that I've wanted for awhile.
I have been wanting this forever, and I finally bought it myself. Now the conundrum is: do I open it? Maybe I'll buy the movies separately and store it in its packaging for when it's worth bazillions and I can sell it for my retirement. But then, I wouldn't be able to play with the statuettes of Frankie, Drac, and Wolfie. Decisions, decisions.
I got a few other favorites I've been wanting and are about to disappear from the earth. Of course, all these lovely DVDs I've been waiting to watch will have to wait, as the house is still torn up from getting new floors in, which is actually only lacking in the new floor part since the water damage is still drying out. So the dvd player is packed away along with almost every other fun electronic toy we have that would help me see these on the big screen. Oh, well. I should be working, anyway.



  1. Happy b-day!

    Open it. I am a firm believer in playing/using things you buy. Especially if it will bring you joy.

  2. Happy Birthday! I say open it. I realize these things are worth more if you leave them in their packaging but I've never seen the point. :/


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