Sunday, April 25, 2010

News From the Nest

I've been looking through some older pics and found this one.  It seems forever since I made this, my first hand-built pumpkin, but I realize it was only a year ago. From that, to my more recent additions to the pumpkin kingdom:
Not that I'm all that and a bag of chips, mind you, but I am sort of surprised to have made such improvement, especially since I know how far I have to go before I can even think about mastery.

In any case, the Nest has been a flurry of activity in preparation for the National Haunter's Convention. The pumpkins and other stuff for the booth have been shipped off to the Convention site, so I don't have to risk the airlines breaking or losing them for me. I finally got my brochures finished to my satisfaction, and they should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest from UPrinting. I also ordered a memory book of my pumpkins for the display table, as I will only have a few pumpkins there at the booth. Today will be my day to design an order form, which after the learning curve I had with the brochures should take me about eight seconds, tops.

I also managed to finish my segment for Haunt Cast yesterday, so there's one more thing I can check off my list. Next on my list: blog about my special guests who came for a visit last weekend...

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