Friday, April 23, 2010


Happy dance and maniacal laughter not heard since the divorce was final and I was also acquitted... Oops! Too much information, huh?

I can't help my giddiness! I won Skull-a-Day's Iron Fist giveaway out of 132 entrants! I'd been looking at just these shoes for the National Haunters Convention, but for whatever reason, I didn't pull the trigger on them. I'd like to say I psychically knew, but the truth is there were too many awesome slutty shoe choices and I couldn't decide.

I also won the super-cool bikini. I look way better than this skinny-ass ho' (not least because my boobs are real, baby, and hers are most definitely not found in nature), but I won't post pictures because I don't want y'all to be jealous of my supermodel body.

At least it would be a supermodel body if my current weight were on someone three inches taller.

In any case, a bloody kisses to the darling creature over at Skull-a-Day for making my weekend feel fabulous! Love you! Love your show!


  1. So which ones do you get, or do you still get to choose?!?! It really doesn't matter either way, because I'm totally jealous of slutty Halloween footwear.... I'm dying to know which you will be wearing!

    And oh, I'm glad I didnt win that bikini... that would have just. been. baddd. :D

    Congrats, you of all people deserve it!

  2. Omigosh! I have those first pair! You're going to love them...

    Oh wait, uhhh did I say that out loud?

    Umm, never mind...


  3. congrats! I'm curious, too...which shoes did you win (or both)? re the bikini....nahhh...don't think so..those days have come and gone for least you don't have to lose weight to wear it, you just have to grow 3 inches by summer...hehe...seriously, very happy that you won!

  4. congrats on winning - that first pair of shoes is pretty awesome.


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