Friday, April 16, 2010

More Faces

Big thanks to Mr. ShellHawk for taking such great pictures, which BTW, are subject to Copyright. Please ask before using, and please give credit.

We shot these alongside an oak-lined walking trail in our neighborhood. Several people came through while walking their dogs. One old couple plowed right on by, never looking up or saying hello, which is unusual for our area. One couple and their Akita stopped and chatted for a minute, impressed. A pair of women and their dogs came by and chatted for a sec. One of them made the Comment of the Day, in a shaky, whispery voice:

"I was scared at first because I thought someone was having a seance!"

My eyes rolled back in my head so far, I noticed another gray hair I need to yank out before the Haunter's Convention.


  1. I always jump the gun on posting your images before asking!

    MAY I?!

    Pretty please.

  2. I love the evil did a great job!

  3. Thanks, Rot! And you always may, since you ALWAYS give credit.

    You're good, man!

  4. Beautiful, simply beautiful! I love them!

  5. Beautiful photos. And beautiful jack-o-lanterns :)


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