Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ShellHawk on Skull-A-Day

I sent a picture of this little guy over to Skull-A-Day a little while back, not really expecting it to be posted. But look! It did!

Here's what they said about my entry and another very cool entry:

Light C** says:

I know visions of Halloween immediately come to mind in these two examples, but the act of containing a flammable material in a non-flammable container is universal for any time of the year. I really like decorative lanterns because I am mesmerized by the patterns of light and shadow they cast, and imagining the patterns these two pieces cast has removed them from a holiday decoration and made them into works of art for me. Thank you both for sharing your work with us.
Thank you for posting my creation, Skull-A-Day. Love You! Love Your Show!

I will be making more of these, so please keep an eye out on Etsy. Other things should be going into the shop this week...

1 comment:

  1. That is very cool!!! Congrats on being featured on Skull A Day!! Your work is so deserving.



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