Saturday, April 17, 2010

Politically Incorrect True Story

I had to share this with you all, as I'm sure everyone can always use a laugh.

A friend of ours is an underwriter. He was talking to a client the other day when the client mentioned that his brother was developmentally disabled and lived in a facility. His parents visited his brother nearly every day, and called him daily without fail.

They called him last week to check up on him and ask how he was doing.

"O.K. I caught a troll today."

As he says odd things all the time, they didn't pay much attention to the offhanded comment.

They showed up at his place the following afternoon, to find that he had moved all of his furniture in front of the closet door. When they asked him why, he said:

"I told you. I caught a troll."

They started to move the furniture away from the door pretty quickly. When the door was cleared, they opened it.

Inside was a midget Jehovah's Witness.

Apparently he had come to the door the previous day and had been locked in the closet for 24 hours or so before the parents showed up and rescued him! I'm sure the poor guy was praying like hell to be released!

We asked our friend if this was really a true story. His reply:

"You think I can make this shit up?!"

I'm probably going to Hell for laughing my ass off at this.


  1. Not true, but funny. LOL

  2. ROFL!!! That is the best story - true or not!!! Thanks for sharing.



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