Sunday, April 25, 2010

We Have an App? Seriously?

If you were to mention to me in passing that I was clueless about all the cool things that Haunt Cast is up to while I'm not looking, you'd be partly correct.

Take this cool app, for instance. For Google Android phones, made by the exceedingly cool Necropolis Labs:
Necropolis Labs is proud to officially announce our second Google Android application, the official “unofficial” Hauntcast Radio App! We are proud to have the official blessing of Hauntcast creator and G’Host with da Most Chris Baker and a huge thumbs up from movie guru Johnny Thunder and their resident doctor Doc Morbius. I’m just happy to have given listeners one more venue for the most kick ass radio show on the internet in addition to opening the door for even more listeners.

We did a silent beta launch this past Sunday and have already amassed closed to 400 downloads. Wow that’s incredible. Thanks everyone who’s downloaded. But much of the thanks really goes to the super success of the show. Chris, keep em coming!

With this app you’ll be able to catch all the shenanigans and madness as it happens. Skelly will alert you whenever anything new arrives at the site. Kiss the “I forgot to sync my device so I missed the show” excuse goodbye! You can also stream any show at any time any where so you’ll never miss an episode.

So what are you waiting for? Download it now or we’ll have Skelly lock you in the dungeon with the ogres!

I really do have so much to be thankful for! I mean, Necropolis Labs making the time to create an app for the Scream Team at Haunt Cast? Lovely! Thanks so much!
If you feel like helping us out, please hit the Necropolis Labs site and Tweet about this new app. The Tweet button is in the upper right hand corner, and Tweeting about it is free!
Thanks, Johnny, for blogging about this. I had no idea!

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