Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pumpkins Are in the Oven

While I have no pics available as of yet (because I've had to pack everything away for the new floors to go in I haven't the faintest idea where my camera is), a fresh batch of pumpkin pots went into the kiln early this morning for their bisque firing. If all goes well, I'll be able to pull them out for glazing tomorrow and fire them Friday. I've been mulling over some alternative glazes for a few of them, rather than the usual yellow and orange I use, and I'm crossing my fingers that the results will be as good as I anticipate.

I've been playing with some new designs to launch at the National Haunter's Convention, so keep your eyes peeled for me and my little guys at the Hauntcast booth!


  1. Yeah! Looking forward to seeing them. Have a great time at the convention.


  2. can't wait to see them! I missed out on these last year...think you'll make some grumpy/evil looking ones? (hint, hint)

  3. Pammie- There just might be some evl looking ones... *wink, wink*


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