Wednesday, December 8, 2010

End of the Year Tasks

They've started. Those nasty, horrible end of the year tasks that everyone has to face to one degree or another.

Mine started yesterday, with getting (very belatedly) my Quickbooks program up to date, then plunging forth into getting categories set up, etc.

Yes, I should have started this in January. Woulda, shoulda, coulda. Whatever. I'm doing it now, so I have a better idea of what needs doing for next year. January 1, I hit the ground running (unless there's more champagne, then of course, it will have to wait until the second. Let none say I don't have my priorities straight!), prepping for the next show, and working my way down the ever-lengthening to-do list.

I got that together yesterday afternoon, by the way, the home duties and business duties list. Take my advice: don't ever do that to yourself. It's depressing, daunting, and adds to the sinking feeling that you're forgetting something.

I took a break this morning to find this great article from HauntCon's own Leonard Pickel. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Oh, and the Davis Graveyard has made the announcement regarding the 2010 Haunter's Video Awards. If you haven't submitted for that, you really should do that his year!

Back to the grindstone.


  1. Oh, you know....I need to download all my information into my software too, yikes! Thanks for the reminder :)

    And, crap! Thanks for also reiminding me that I owe Leonard a phone call, I think I was supposed to call him before vacation....I hope he is still speaking to me :)

    And....last but not least thanks for the should out about the DVDS (and the Hauntcast mention) You are the best!!


  2. It's the most...wonderful time...of the year.

    When you're rec-onciling receipts that've been piling & tax time is near!

    It's the most...wonderful time of the year!

  3. GF You crack me up! Again!

    Stuff is downloaded into the computer and the business account is reconciled, but now I realize I need to possible set up another bank account in there because I didn't actually have a real business account until September.

    *Sigh* I'd rather be in the shop, making things.


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