Sunday, December 5, 2010

Today's the Day!

We're ambling into Sacramento to Capitol Garage for a champagne brunch, and then we're heading over to the Crocker Museum of Art to see my sculpture, in situ, as it were. My awesome dad is even flying up from L.A. for the day to come with us! How great is that?

Here's a re-run of the pic of my piece, for those who haven't seen it, yet.
I have to thank those amazing men, Brian Froud and Charles DeLint for giving me the inspiration to do this piece with their art and writing, respectively.

But, just to show that even after an accident, the piece can still turn out fine (even if you're personally convinced that it's completely ruined), I'm including a couple of pics of "Manitou," pre-firing. I.e., before I knocked his left arm off after he had mostly dried and had to pray that I could attach a new one without the area cracking.

I still like the position of this arm and hand better, but looking at it, it needed a little more work... But then, I always think that of my sculptures!

Have a great Sunday, boils and ghouls! I'm after a mimosa, now!


  1. congrats Shellhawk! This is so cool that your piece is being seen, and what an awesome sculpture it is!

  2. Enjoy your triumphs today! Truly a wonderful accomplishment :)


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