Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sunday at Jack Russell Farm Brewery

Some of you folks are aware that I work with clay and make some fun stuff. The last several months, I've had a booth at Jack Russell Farm Brewery, which is in Camino, California, in the foothills of the Sierras.

We've had some weather, lately, and Sunday morning when I went up, I found the brewery covered in snow!

Mine were the only footprints in the snow, except for the farm dogs'!

I had popped over to Michael's before heading up the hill to pick up some cheerful Christmas decorations. I nearly choked from the icky sweetness in the store, but recovered after listening to some Nox Arcana in the car. I decided to leave the tarps off the side to let the sun in.

I couldn't help but notice a distinct difference in the appeal of the booth, pre-Hallowe'en!
 It's been a good experience for me to have a booth. I've been taking notes for myself with an eye to improving my displays for next year. It seems like a good idea to find some cases that might survive the uneven ground there without falling on top of someone. From what I understand, that tends to put a damper on sales.

There are changes I need to arrange so the booth looks better and more full next year. It wasn't horrible for a last minute throw-together, though!


  1. Booth looks great with the Christmas touches(I know, I know, you like the Halloween look). It takes a while to build up booth "furniture", and you've done well so far. People don't know how expensive that can be until they start looking into it themselves.

  2. It's true! That stuff is crazy expensive!
    I like what Johanna Parker did with her Halloween booth. You can also scroll to newer posts and see the Christmas setup. She has a great eye!

    Thanks for the encouragement, Doll!

  3. I definitely like the Halloween set-up more but I guess that's not surprising...but they both look great!

  4. Yea for snow! Can never get enough of the white stuff....

    Nice set up. The white jackolantern caught my eye.....would get that one for Christmas decoration since she is into Christmas and I into Hallowe'en for the decorative compromise....

  5. Jay- If you like, I can make one for you. Let me know if you're interested!


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