Friday, December 3, 2010

Just a Couple of Things to Mention

Sorry if this sounds a little like a commercial for a bunch of stuff, but please read through so you're hip to what's happening in not only my world, but another one, too!

As you know, Hauntcast is up for the "Best Produced" and "General" cate-gorys (Get it? It's a play on "gory." Pretty clever, huh?) for the Podcast Awards. Apparently, they're tallying up each day's total votes to get the winner, so please take a minute to vote for us each day. Click on the banner to take you to the site. We really appreciate it! When we win, Chis is buying everyone drinks!

O.k., he's not, but you can't blame a girl for trying.

Next, I wanted to remind you all that I have some nice items in my Etsy store that would make unique Christmas gifts for just about anyone. Since it's going to be raining all weekend, I will not be pulling my items out of the Etsy store to take to Jack Russell Farm Brewery, so you can see what my "normal," non-Hallowe'en stuff looks like. My Hallowe'en items are still listed, too-I actually dropped my price on the pumpkin ghost everyone liked so much, so take a look and take him home! (Please! I need to buy and install a utility sink so I don't have to wash my clay tools off in freezing water outside, in the rain! Can I tell you how much that sucks?!)

If you like, you can take one or both of my banners and post them to your site, linking them with my etsy store address: Here are the images, made by the exceptionally talented Guy of House Bloodthorn:

 Lastly, I ran across this charity event and had to pass it on to you. The Mission Fish part of eBay is auctioning off this original artwork to benefit the Haven Foundation, which helps artists in need. Artist and illustrator Glenn Chadbourne has donated this illustration, inspired by Stephen King's Dark Tower series, to raise money for the Foundation:
Here's the press release:
Now being auctioned through eBay's Mission Fish with proceeds to benefit The Haven Foundation is this signed original artwork by Maine artist Glenn Chadbourne. This pen and ink drawing is inspired by Stephen King's The Dark Tower saga. It has been professionally framed with conservation quality materials. The piece including frame measures 13-1/4" x 15-1/2". 
Chadbourne has also illustrated the limited editions of Secretary of Dreams Volumes 1 and 2 and The Colorado Kid.
You can bid on the piece here, the full Haven Foundation info on this auction is here, and Glenn Chadbourne's website is here. He does some deliciously dark illustrations, so head over there to take a peek at his work!

Have a great weekend, All!

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  1. Advertising is my this is fine with me :D

    I am voting everyday....and I promise to put it on my Facebook page and blog as often as I can.

    I am working on my Christmas list this weekend and I am sure that I have a few people deserving of you lovely work.

    Happy Holidays my dear!!!



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