Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Shopping Ideas

First, I'm falling in love with various t-shirt companies, and some companie that have other stuff, but also happen to carry cool t-shirts. You all know about Crazy Dog T-Shirts, and that they've got some great horror-movie-related t's on sale.

I've discovered that I really like the "in-joke" t's best, rather than t's that are just a movie ad. When you run across someone who knows the reference, you feel like you're in this exclusive, "Fight Club" kind of club. I think this adds a level of geeky coolness we never had before.

Think Geek has actually put together a page for those gorram Browncoats who love Firefly. It's got both t's and other shiny Firefly stuff for us. There's also a great in-shirt for Trek fans.

Pumpkinrot was the one who originally turned me on to the U.K. based company, Last Exit To Nowhere. They actually have a horror t-shirt page for us! I particularly love the one inspired by that lovely old film, "The Wicker Man."

Every time I look at that site, I find more t-shirts I can't live without.

Hope that helps with your shopping! Oh, and if you want to head over to the Hauntcast site, I have the list of links for the websites I mentioned on the last episode posted.

Happy shopping!

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