Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Final Rant Before the End of the Year

I was at a Solstice party last night when I head the terrifying news: There's a new "movement", and I was not consulted. Can you imagine?

The new movement: parents of small children will not "lie" to their children about Santa.


Seriously. These people actually believe the studies that "scientists" have made, stating that children won't trust their parents after this "horrible lie."


I'm not scarred from having believed in Santa. I'm thinking most of you weren't, either. In this Hallowe'en fan's opinion, folks that tell their kids Santa is a lie are assholes. End of story.

Really, people? Santa Claus isn't about consumerism, though corporations have taken his image and used it to their best advantage. Santa is about giving to others. Period. Your kids understand this. Why don't you? Oh, wait! Have you been sucked in and deceived?

Is this about you, and not your kids?

Alright. I'm done, though there could be pages and pages of ranting about this topic and the idiocy I feel (very strongly) is associated with it.

Jeez! Next, they'll be saying the Great Pumpkin isn't real, either! Madness...

Anyway... I'll be back after New Year's, unless something newsworthy descends upon me.

Merry Christmas, everyone! And may Santa bless you all.


  1. Actually parents lie to their kids all the time about all sorts of things. That's what screws the kids up.

  2. *sigh* Yup. We need to get kids more grounded. No talk of Santa or fairies or dreams or birthday wishes when they blow out the candles or any of that nonsense.

    It's about time kids were as miserable and disenchanted as many adults are.

    People absolutely suck.

  3. What's next? Just put an end to childhood altogether? Must we remove all innocence from children? I can't imagine what a cynical group of adults these children will grow up to be. And it isn't just these kids it will effect. They in turn will tell others, ruining it for them,too. I hope Santa has lots of coal to give to these parents. If he runs short, I'll give him some.

  4. WHAT!!! No santa?! Damn it, why am I finding this out from a Hallowe'en blog..... I need to have a talk with my parents....

    My wife and I never had to tell our daughter there was no santa, she figured it on her own,and she didn't become a psycho after she came to the conclusion. Like I always say, some people are just dummer than a brick. Does this me all of the fairy tale bedtime stories we told are going to make our children go wacko because they were fake....

    Goes within the same lines as "Santa letters rearranged spells Satan.....ugh.

  5. Very sad. Yet somehow, not surprising.

    Merry Christmas! :)

  6. So does this mean the end of The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy and The Great Pumpkin as well?!?! People are stupid as a whole and will most often get sucked into whatever pseudo-scientific bullsh*t they have slung at them with the slightest backing behind it. I say, let the kids believe and keep that innocence as long as they can in this innocence sucking world of ours. They need it! I still believe in Santa as an idea of giving and as a feeling you have for the holidays. Maybe not as an actual person but as the spirit of the winter holidays themselves. Kids need that too. Where else are they going to learn it in thei cruel, self serving, greedy world they are growing up in?

  7. Good grief! Building tomorrow's nerotics with today's children.

  8. Geez=O-Petes! Some folks just can't stand for there to be any wonder or magic in the world! Most studies show that kids are actually quite empowered when they figure out Santa/Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy etc ON THEIR OWN. When I child REALLY wants to know (and has obviously figured it out), then a parent should level with them. Until that point, let them have the joy. My son is about to turn 9, and I'm fairly certain this is the last year he'll believe in St. Nick, so I've enjoyed every minute of it. My daughter figured it out around the same age, and she is just fine with it (in fact, she loves being "in" on the secret, and helping to keep her brother believing). The problem with our society today is that too many folks want our children to just be small adults. It's sickening, really.

  9. ....hum....I know that you can totaly appreciate that I am having a "Hogfather*" moment right now.


    Careful people, you could undo the universe :)


  10. Also....cannot BELIEVE that husband (Jeff) beat me to commenting on one of your posts! I am such a slacker :D

    (hops away in shame)


  11. I'm very happy that I'm not a child in this day and age...I get SO tired of hearing these 'experts' decide what is best for the rest of us to do....I say, let's take a look at how their own kids turned out by the age of 18 or 21....

  12. Fundamentalist materialists are so uptight.

    I think that Tycho said it best though:

    "It's a beautiful lie, one he wants to believe, given to him by someone he trusts"


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