Friday, June 4, 2010

The Dream

I had The Dream the other night. Again. The tombstones hadn't been set up. The fog machine in the witch's cauldron wasn't plugged in, nor did it have fog fluid. No lighting, music, or sound effects.

It was Halloween night, and I could hear the  kids shouting "Trick or Treat," next door. I was screwed.

I suppose I had The Dream because I haven't even started on my new tombstones. Because I've been busy with the rest of life. The haunt has been popped onto the back burner, because other things must take priority.

But I miss it so very much.

I hate not being independently wealthy.


  1. Oh, and this blog gets cooler-looking every time I read it.

  2. The dream! Horrors.

    Haunters should all get together and buy lottery tickets whenever the jackpot gets over $200 million.

    A Halloween Lottery Pool : )

  3. Love the Halloween Lottery Pool idea. Can you imagine the interview of the winners?
    "So what are you going to spend the money on?"


  4. ( Halloween lottery pool.... YYYEEESSS!)
    That is funny.......had a dream something like that a few weeks ago! does this mean I can be part of the Haunter's realm even though mine is so small???

    I agree with Mr. Rot..... this blog is very cool to look at....

  5. I have actually had THE DREAM on more than one occasion...turned into the nightmare of 2009 when I didn't get to do the yard.
    The only consolation is that I really didn't die when it did happen.

    Quit raising the bar on your blog design, it makes the rest of us look bad! ;)


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