Monday, June 21, 2010

Mrs. Kobritz? Are you home?

All right. It's not really Stevie Wayne's house, but it's probably in the neighborhood. This is the Sea Star Cottage, and that's Mr. ShellHawk unlocking the door to our anniversary nest this past weekend.

My darling Mr. ShellHawk arranged for us to head for Inverness and Point Reyes, California, because he heard my April Hauntcast segment on John Carpenter's The Fog. In case you hadn't listened to the history on that movie, a lot of the exterior shots were filmed in the area, and the lighthouse that Stevie Wayne broadcast from is the Point Reyes lighthouse. (It's also on a soundstage, but the exterior shots were Point Reyes.) If you hadn't guessed, the picture in the previous post shows the Ape in the front of this lighthouse. The bay you see behind the house is actually Tomales Bay, and if you're a fan of oysters, this is the West Coast location to go gorge yourself on a bunch of the little beggars! You can actually go to some of the farms out there and have a little picnic while you munch on the oysters they pulled out of the water about fifteen minutes ago. Mr. ShellHawk and I stopped at Drakes Bay Family Farms on the road back from Point Reyes Lighthouse and the Mr. had himself about a dozen oysters for a good price. If you go, I'd recommend getting your oyster fix this way, because the restaurant prices are outrageous.

I'll post more pics of the lighthouse and our getaway this week. Right now, it's laundry time!

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  1. Not a shabby way to celebrate :) I'll be sure to forward this post to Yetch. See if he gets the hint.


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