Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Love My New Look

I'm sure by now, you've all noticed the blog has a new, cleaner look. Some things have been removed entirely, some things have been rearranged and compressed, and the whole thing has been given a new look. (Hmm, facelift and liposuction for a blog?) The result is what you see, and more tweaking will be done over the next little while.

The credit goes entirely to Guy over at House Bloodthorn. While we were at WCHC, we chatted a little about my blog and the changes I was considering, and later we talked on the phone while online to hammer out more of the details. I'm really pleased with how everything looks, and that's because Guy not only listened to what I wanted, he intuitively sought out the details that would pull everything together visually. Only a fellow haunter could have pulled it off without making it look cheesy, or like every other "dark website" out there. (You shouldn't be able to glance at a site and know that so-and-so did the graphics work, unless the artist owns the blog.) He was worth every penny!

Guy is also the man responsible for the coordination of the Hauntcast website facelift. It's Guy's "real job", and his prices are reasonable, so if you're looking to do an upgrade on your blog or site, please contact him. Tell him I sent you!


  1. Wow! The look of your blog is fantastic! I had no idea that Blogger could be customized like this! Congrats on the amazing new look!

  2. Looks fangtastic! He helped me out with my blog redo willy last year, and does awesome work. Kudos to Guy on another kick-ass job!

  3. I do love the new blog look!

    He is very creative and does the dark look so well.



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