Wednesday, June 9, 2010

John Stuart Berger

Saturday night is "Second Saturday" in Sacramento. Mr. ShellHawk and I are getting together with some friends (one couple is very nearly about to spawn and will be on restriction after the spawnling comes) to have some pizza and drinks and stroll downtown Sacramento and have a Cultural Experience. It turns out that one of our buddies (a very cool herpetologist and fantastic Sponge Bob imitator) is friends with an artist who will be showing at the Solomon Dubnick Gallery on 25th street.

The artist is John Stuart Berger, and after reviewing some of his paintings and ceramics, I've decided I like him and I can't wait until Saturday night to pop into the gallery and look at his stuff in person. If I don't get to, I will have a completely childish fit in a public place.

More photos here.

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  1. Sweet! He has some nice artwork. :) A friend of mine got a table at 21st and K for Second Saturday and she'll have some of my jewelry there. I hope you won't have to throw the fit. :)


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