Monday, June 28, 2010

Pumpkin's Progress-The Boys Are Back in Town!

A whopping five days since I last posted about my pumpkins, and wow! What a difference in size and development in such a short time! I can only hope that the rest of the growing season is as kind to them! The second picture will clearly show that Wyatt's Wonder is continuing in his plan to take over the back yard. Perhaps the Universe is next!
A closer glance revealed that the boys are back in town! Yup, I have a few flowers starting, and the first flowers on pumpkin plants are always male. The females should be showing up in a week or two, and then-the pumpkins will begin!
I can't wait to see what they do in the next seven days!


  1. How old are these guys? I planted a little late but I should be good for Halloween. I planted a week ago, and have 14 little 1 and 2 inch plants (so far). I hope mine do well. Yours are looking very healthy so far.

  2. El Capitan- If you go to this post:, all pumpkin secrets shall be yours!
    I planted mine around the end of April, because I planted a giant variety. I really hope they grow adult pumpkins well!

  3. They look great! Can't wait to see the pumpkins appear! :)

  4. Wow is that in a pot!? I took mine out of a pot and into the ground because I thought it it wouldnt grow. Can you grown them in a pot I really want to know.

  5. Robert and Bethany-
    Yes, Virginia, you can grow pumpkins in a pot. As long as you feed them properly (see above comment for the link to my post) and feed them the right stuff at the right time, they grow very well, as you can see. My soil in the area is pretty hard and rocky, and we're not putting in raised beds there quite yet. Also, if it turns out they're getting too much sun, they can be carefully moved to a better spot in the yard.
    High nitrogen feed first, then something with pleanty of calcium when the pumpkins start to develop. I recommend hand-pollinating if you don't have a bunch of bees around to help out.

  6. Hm I wonder if that will work out here in California? I just wnat to make sure I can grow pumpkins if im ever limited on space like a porch or something.

  7. Robert & Bethany-
    I live in California, and it seems to be doing just fine! It's been 100+ degrees off and on this week, which is why I put the pots in a space they'd be out of direct sun by around 2:00. Since the sun is coming up around 5:30a.m., they get plenty of sun. My only concern now is whether I should cave in and build a couple of row cover "tents" and put in some frozen water bottles to keep the temp down. It just seems like too much work, though!

  8. If you want to protect your pumpkins that you're growing, I suggest that you get some type of row cover to protect them. It'll protect them from insects, hot sun, wind, etc. They do look really nice so far though. Good work!


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