Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Strange Gift

One afternoon, there was a knock at the door. I opened it to find one of the neighbor kids standing on my porch with a bag in her hand. She handed it to me and said, "My mom sent these over to you. She thought you could use them."

Huh? A Ziploc baggie of miniature handcuffs?

Apparently the mom, who's a teacher, had the local police come out for a safety lecture or something like that and they left the mini-handcuffs for her to give to the kids. She decided it would be inappropriate, so took the bag home to give to me.

Makes me wonder what exactly her perception of me might be...


  1. Hum....I think those would work nicely on Ghoul Fridays mini zombie hands :D


  2. I would be worried about how this mom perceives you, too. I mean, that's a pretty creepy implication to make; it's stupid to think it's inappropriate to give them to kids (it is) but that it's not to give them to your neighbor. If it was me, I would be pretty cheesed-off. I think you should have a little "talk" with this lady.

  3. H.N.- I think she felt that since I'm always building Halloween stuff and other strange things, that I could use them for a project. At least that's what I hope she thought!

  4. Well, that's something that you don't get every day!

    If she sends you a baggie full of little whips, THEN it's time for a sit down chat with her!

  5. I think you should march over there and handcuff her toes on one foot to the toes on her other foot, and then just walk away without saying a single word to her.

  6. First timer here! :-) Loving it already, btw. I think your handcuffs would make a "cute?" garland, or a chain to tie something (someone?) down with. LOL

    I don't usually associate them with Halloween, but they could be with a bit of imagination. And it appears you're in no short supply of that! LOL


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