Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Getaway Pics

I have a few more pics from our Point Reyes trip for you!
Mr. ShellHawk took a few pics of me taking pics of the lighthouse. In the pic above, you'll see me down towards the bottom of the stairs, by the rocks.
Me again, in the black pea coat.

I managed to get a few shots without other people in them. I was actually pretty surprised not only to see a huge amount of tourists there, but also to hear all the different languages spoken. I hadn't realized the lighthouse was such a big draw!
Above are some of the innards of the larger rectangular building you can see in the first pictures. While Point Reyes lighthouse isn't officially "in service" since they put in the new, improved lighthouse a little ways up the coast, they still had the horn going.
While I couldn't actually go up the stairs to the lens, I did manage to get some cool interior shots. I was told that each lighthouse has its own light code, so that the ships' captains know where they are.
Actual innards of the light-turning mechanism. Very cool to see!
Mr. ShellHawk, birding enthusiast, got this great pic of a Peregrine Falcon. It's nice to see them in the wild, slowly coming back from the huge DDT poisoning problem they had. I actually ran across a guy on our trip who said he was sick of hearing about "organic this and organic that." I wanted to crack him one for being stupid! I mean, hello? Birds are crushing their eggs because they're ingesting DDT from when it was used in 1939, and you really think there's no problem with chemical fertilizers and pestisides? Seriously? And he reproduced, too. What a shame.

Sorry for the rant.

Anyway, there may be more pics of the trip. I'm heading out tomorrow for L.A., so I probably won't be posting, so I'll see you guys Monday or Tuesday!


  1. LOL...that was a great rant! I really enjoyed's another unbelievable incident--I was bitching to a woman about how nobody was recycling, blah, blah, when she turned to me and said, "well, it's our right not to recycle"...end of conversation for me. anyway, trip looks lovely...sigh...

  2. Hi Shell Hawk, These Photographs are awesome, I love the sort of decrepit nature of old lighthouses. forgive me, I have skipped reading your post, its late and my attention span is short.
    As for my blog post: I get the honor of freaking out non Halloween fanatic middle aged party goers. Halloween Fanatics are a special breed, now aren't we? As for that demotivational... there is this one:
    and there is this one:



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