Monday, June 7, 2010

Head Waiter

You may remember I'm not a huge fan of Martha Stewart. However, her minions know how to find and invent cool stuff for Halloween. This "Head Waiter" tray qualifies as cool, I think. It will certainly impress your in-laws the next time they come by for dinner. Unnanounced. Again.

With that horrid little nephew who keeps destroying everything in sight. Maybe you could use his head as a base-wait! I didn't say that!


  1. Tee-hee; I, on the other hand, LOVE Martha. She's the devil and she makes excellent cakes.

    It was not always so. Her Halloween stuff wore me down until I finally fell madly, deeply in like with her. She's like an evil genius!

    Sorry... got off track. I made one of these! Sort of. Inspired by this. It was one of my first posts.:) *happy sigh* Memories.

    <3 !

    -Carrie Mae

  2. Hee! I do love that - and if you warn the kid ahead of, still can't get away with that :D



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